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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2009|08:30 pm]

Types Of Lights Needed For Indoor Plants
*Artificial lighting: using artificial lights, you'll be able to grow plants anywhere you want or need them and you don't have place live plants near natural lights anymore
* Good for the plants since they don't have to adjust to climate changes or differences in light levels.
* Direct Sunlight:The sun gives off nutrients to the plant and the nutrents helps the plant to grow. Typical Plants that grow best with direct are: sunflowers, roses, grape vines and corn.
* In-Direct: Provides for cooler tempatures

What are different types of fertilizer?
There are different types of fertilizer specfically made for houseplants. They may be liquids, powders intended to be dissolved in water or the slowly releasing products (beads or sticks) to be put in soil. You should fertilize when the plant is actively growing. During the winter, houseplants are not growing as much as summer and should not be fertilized. Usually fertilizing every 4-6 weeks. Be sure to follow the directions on the fertilizer package to make sure you are doing exactly what is right for the plant.

Watering Your Houseplant.
Water plants no more and no less than they need it.  Too much can kill plants quicker than just neglecting the plant.A variety of houseplants in one house will have a varied watering requirements. Wilting leaves on your plant is a sign of dehydration. These and other physical changes are cause for quick reaction. Water or your plants may just die! If your plant has black, mushy spots or mold these are the signs of over-watering. Plants should have whatever they can handle in one watering do not overwater your plants!

Reasons why your houseplant died!
*Overwatering (Too much water will cause your houseplant to die water in moderation plants will appericate it!)
*Not watering enough (Plants need water too! What happens to humans when they get dehydrated? They start to slowly go crazy. Same goes for plants)
*Too Much light (Like humans plants get sunburnt also signs of sunburnt are faded leaves, yellowish white spots, and wilting)
*Too Little Light (Without proper light, photosynthesis does not occur and plant growth suffers.)
Signs that a plant is diseased
*Leaves with brown spots, holes, or nibbled edges: these are sure signs of pest infestation or disease
*Powdery mildew on the leaves: this white, dusty fungus is not a good start for a young plant. Don't buy it.
*Gray fuzzy mold anywhere on the plant: this fungus may spread and attract insects.

Types of insects:
Whiteflies look like tiny, white moths.
Mealybugs are small, white, and fuzzy.
Aphids typically attack new growth of plants young leaves, buds and flowers.
Spider mites are tiny specks on webbing on the undersides of leaves and between stems and leaves.
Scale are flat, brown, hard-shelled insects that cling to the stems on the underside of leaves.
Thrips are tiny, thin and dark. The adults have fuzzy wings, but they tend to hop instead of fly.

How to clean a plant?
1. Some plants may have insects. If you try to clean all the plants at once you transport one plant's infestation to another plant who is not infested.
2. Look at your indoor plant to see how much dust and grease is on the leaves, stems and branches. If it is thick, use a damp cloth to clean the plant.
3. Wipe the leaves with a dampened cloth by starting at one point and working your way around the plant.
4.Make sure you wiped all the leaves. It is easy to notice because clean leaves are shiny whereas dirty, dusty ones are dull.
5. Check for any areas you missed one last time.

Are houseplants poisonous to animals?
More than 700 plants have been identified as producing physiologically active or toxic substances in sufficient amounts to cause harmful effects in animals. Poisonous plants produce a variety of toxic substances and cause reactions ranging from mild nausea to death!
Sago Palm – While the seeds and nuts of this plant are most poisonous, the entire plant is toxic.  Animals ingesting parts of this plant may suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, depression, seizures and liver failure.
Lilies – Plants of the lily variety are very poisonous to cats.  Even very small amounts of this plant could cause serious kidney damage.
Tulips – The toxic portion of this plant is the actual bulb, which can cause drooling, central nervous system depression, gastrointestinal irritation, cardiac issues and convulsions.
Azalea – The toxins in azalea plants can be very severe and potentially cause drooling, diarrhea, vomiting, central nervous system weakening and depression, and in some cases possibly coma or death.

Helpful Plants
*Some houseplants help rid of toxins.
*NASA scientists are finding out that houseplants are very usefull They have been found to absorb potentially harmful gases and clean the air inside buildings.
*Spider plants and peace lillies help remove toxins.
* Aloe Vera has been usefull in providing relief to burns and scars.
* Citrosa: helps shun masquietos and black flys.

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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2005|11:58 am]
1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
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(no subject) [Jan. 13th, 2005|07:26 pm]
Some of you may read this. I could call this a cry for advice.

Heres the thing. I CANT stand that he dosent miss or think of me. I hear of him so much. His buss gose to my house everyday. I lay in bed at 6:25 and hear the buss pull up to my house (freshmen buss stop) and i swear i could just run outside and hop on that buss. But id probably get staired at and id end up spending a day at the freshmen center and probably getting in a shit load of trouble. I guess what im trying to say is that i want to see him badly. Just to know hes alive. I kno hes alive but i just need to see him. I cant stand knowing he hates me i just..cant.

I think about the past so much. Im like uncle ricco in nypolan dintomite. I wanna go back to last year. If I could id change so many things. I would have been more confident in myself. I wouldnt have worn wat i wore, i wouldnt have eaten like i did. I would also have treated him better. And he could have treated me alot better. Theirs so many different ways i could have made my 7th grade year better. I sould have approched that whole "situation" with him. I souldnt have hated him for 3 months. I always thought he hated me. Only up to the point were he told me i ruiend his life. and that he hated me. Sounds like somthing i told him last year. I havent talked face to face with him for 5 months. Maybe thats my fault. I forgot about him so quick when I found someone new. But that someone new just kept telling me how angry he got and how he kept harassing him. I know this may sound very confusing.

I know how you may wonder why cant she forget this. Im wondering this myself. Last year at one point he was my whole world. And its funny becuase he never liked me. All he did was make fake promises and hurt me. I gave away my one and only nirvana cd because It reminded me of him so much. I couldnt stand it. I teared papers off my wall that reminded me of him. I riped up notes that had his name in it. The buss would drive by his house and id stair at it. I hate how that now im in his postion now he hates me and I dont hate him. I dont think hes going to the park anymore hes got to much of a life and things to do. I wonder how he is. If hes okay. I hope i really didnt ruien his life i had no intentions. I really am just am a heartbroken girl who cant forget the past. Its sad. But one day I may find someone new and forget this ever happened but untill that happens im going to keep missing him untill one day our lines cross. That may not be till 5 or 6 months. But i guess thats just how it goes..
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(no subject) [Dec. 25th, 2004|09:30 pm]
New journal is Hallwaycoolness Add me okie?
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(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2004|12:57 pm]

Yesterday I went to kaylins and joe and lucas came over that was cool. We played girl talk but than it was werid cuz i ended up asking lucas what his dream date with a boy would be so.. we stoped that. Than we played with the camera and made a movie..ish. Than joe and lucas had to go and doug came over with tom and tom was sitting there going LETS WATCH BAD GURLS BAD GURL were like tom that sounds like a porn movie and hes like i mean MEAN GURLS.. yeah talking to doug was a bit werid cuz i havent spoken to him since 7th grade around october. He was missed. Who knows maybe it will be the three amogois again...eh i doubt it...

This journal is officaly closed As of December 22 2004 This journal is officaly closed As of December 22 2004 This journal is officaly closed As of December 22 2004 This journal is officaly closed As of December 22 2004 This journal is officaly closed As of December 22 2004 This journal is officaly closed As of December 22 2004 This journal is officaly closed As of December 22 2004 This journal is officaly closed As of December 22 2004


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(no subject) [Dec. 20th, 2004|09:29 pm]
OHH tommrows gonna rock me kaylin lucas joe and taylor .oh yeah.
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(no subject) [Dec. 19th, 2004|11:31 am]
My parents are sdkafj;sldkfj. Ok a couple of days agao my mom was crying cuz ppl were eating her cookies and yesterday i made this whole batch of them myself from srach and I go in the freezer and the lids open to the cookie thing and 3 cookies are half eatin. WTF so i went upstairs im like mommmm you ate my damn cookies i just made. and all she did was laugh...eremmm bitch

Last Night I watched that movie sleepover It was very ermm gurly. Yeah than Put one of those mudd mask things on my face and than it peeled off it was werid.

My braces hurt like a mother fjasd;lfkajs both wires came out for the back teeth and my top wire shifted and its jabbing my gum im sposed to take that as an emergacay but i dont wanna go back and my next appointment is in like 2 weeks so yeah

And than it all falls-brit
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(no subject) [Dec. 18th, 2004|10:38 am]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Jimmy Eat World- The World You Love]

Yesterday at school
spanish::::we watched the biggest stoner movie ever. It was ment for like 5 years old..yet it kept me occuipied..
Gym:::we had the dance of thingy mr mcgregors crazy.
Art:: Finished my project
Reading: freakin funny they said it was nichols birthday so justine starts screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U...than the whole room goes dead. Shes the only one signing. haha kenny wouldnt stop laughing at her.
Enlgish: told the teacher about winter break
Science: mrs dunhamn left! ha so we watched a random science video bill nye the science guy thats such a random show
Lunch: The band played and i kept stairing at this one guy...and lucas is likei kno him IM TELLING HIM!.. and i think he did...
Rest of the day we watched a war movie called "glory" boring at first but the rest was okie.

Not much happening here.

Last nite I almost fell asleep in the basement and without thinking I left my journal in the basement. I came back today and I looks like someone read it! my only words for that. Oh shit.

So my moms being totaly nosey she baked a pie and bought dog treats for the neighbors next door. If I were them id be like BUTT OUT.

I got so freakin frustrated with my guitar lesson yesterday. I felt like ripping the paper up that he wanted me to play. Damn guitar.

So I went to the store with my mom of course i went to the magazine section and this one kid kept coming near me and blocking me I felt like saying f**** off.

I came home watched home alone I havent seen that moive in forever.

Im out..remember kiddies dont go threw life with one shoe untied
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(no subject) [Dec. 15th, 2004|03:14 pm]
Wow today was krazay.

Got up at 6 felt like vomiting and i was all dizzy so my mom said i could stay home. Got up at 10 than my parents and I went to sams club. Holy crap so we get to our car and this guy hit my moms car. So we run inside to get the guy paiged he never comes. So we go back outside and the guy comes. So my moms like you hit my car! and than hes like no i didnt. than my dad steped in he was screaming at the guy so loud and I just sat their like a puppy. Than they started asking me questions i was like..ugh i dono? i dono? what? huh?.

So we went to the mall Got mike some more presents. Got other gifts. Than I came home. Yeah my moms re-dying the top part of my head. Than after that Were going to dinner for her birthday.


ill be back later yo my emails brittany890@hotmail.com
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(no subject) [Dec. 14th, 2004|07:07 pm]
School was okay..

I cant stand my parents. If its not one thing its another. She was crying AGAIN today cuz people keep eating her cookies and no its not just me. of course i get blamed. So she startes cussing and crying. I hate being near them they dont get me. I have determined that Winter Break will be a long hellish time. I never thot id say this but school is the only thing i wanna go to cuz they wont be there. IF i were my brother id be out of her so fast. I dont kno why he wants to stay.
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