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Yesterday at school spanish::::we watched the biggest stoner movie… - Kaylin says: your guitar teacher left you to go to a poker convention [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 18th, 2004|10:38 am]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Jimmy Eat World- The World You Love]

Yesterday at school
spanish::::we watched the biggest stoner movie ever. It was ment for like 5 years old..yet it kept me occuipied..
Gym:::we had the dance of thingy mr mcgregors crazy.
Art:: Finished my project
Reading: freakin funny they said it was nichols birthday so justine starts screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U...than the whole room goes dead. Shes the only one signing. haha kenny wouldnt stop laughing at her.
Enlgish: told the teacher about winter break
Science: mrs dunhamn left! ha so we watched a random science video bill nye the science guy thats such a random show
Lunch: The band played and i kept stairing at this one guy...and lucas is likei kno him IM TELLING HIM!.. and i think he did...
Rest of the day we watched a war movie called "glory" boring at first but the rest was okie.

Not much happening here.

Last nite I almost fell asleep in the basement and without thinking I left my journal in the basement. I came back today and I looks like someone read it! my only words for that. Oh shit.

So my moms being totaly nosey she baked a pie and bought dog treats for the neighbors next door. If I were them id be like BUTT OUT.

I got so freakin frustrated with my guitar lesson yesterday. I felt like ripping the paper up that he wanted me to play. Damn guitar.

So I went to the store with my mom of course i went to the magazine section and this one kid kept coming near me and blocking me I felt like saying f**** off.

I came home watched home alone I havent seen that moive in forever.

Im out..remember kiddies dont go threw life with one shoe untied